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Apple to Launch a Low-Cost, Metal-Backed iPhone in 2018: REPORT

08 Diciembre 2017

People tend to get more generous and sympathetic this time of year, which means we see a lot of work from homeless charities.

It was only last week that we posted a follow-up report titled "China's Largest OLED Supplier Shared Business Plan with Apple for Dedicated Production Lines Exclusively for future iPhones".

Apple, which was created by Steve Jobs can be seen anywhere.

Apple may also introduce a 512-gigabyte storage option, according to Nomura. The almost bezel-less phone sports a screen that stretches right to the edges, a futuristic design that makes it more eye-catching than usual. The more affordable price may mean the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be discontinued.

I confess that when I first handled an iPhone X, I thought the notch wasn't quite as ugly as I'd feared. Other items that Kuo has talked about on the smartphones include all three having a full-screen edge-to-edge design and a TrueDepth camera like what is found in the iPhone X today.

El Bayern Múnich quiere la revancha ante el PSG
El equipo parisino, a falta de una jornada, es el club que más goles ha marcado en el campeonato en la fase de grupos. Tiene suerte de que el entrenador hable su idioma y pueda comunicarse con él.

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Bitcoin is currently trading around all-time high levels of over $11500 levels at the time of writing. What's new, however, is the direct link between the Venezuelan government and a digital currency.

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Durante las elecciones primarias, Moore se impuso a Strange, lo que fue en ese momento una derrota política para el presidente . Las encuestas muestran una ajustada carrera entre Moore y Jones pese a la naturaleza tradicionalmente conservadora del estado.

"Underlying demand is strong and not just for the iPhone", UBS analysts note. With Apple being such a high desired product especially for those living in the younger generation, selling new phones during the holidays is genius. However, internal components are likely to be tweaked in order to boost performance. According to Forbes, As of November 17, there were currently 17.5 million 8's, 23.4 million 8 plus's and 20.7 million X's sold which totals at an impressive 61.3 million.

The Chinese market is consolidating further, with the top five brands grabbing 91% of sales, up from 79% a year ago. Indeed, thanks to its 10th-anniversary iPhone X, "Apple is getting its mojo back", say analysts at UBS, who have a "Buy" rating on AAPL. Current model Plus-sized iPhones sport a 5.5-inch display, and even the iPhone X features a 5.8-inch display.

AR Glasses: Another rumor claims that Apple is working on AR glasses, reports BGR.

As long as consumers stay within the Apple ecosystem - and they are famously loyal to the brand - upgrades, replacements and subscriptions will ensure revenue growth over the years and decades ahead.

So what does Kuo see in his crystal ball?

Apple to Launch a Low-Cost, Metal-Backed iPhone in 2018: REPORT